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Good critique is not criticism

Be constructive, meaning, have the best intentions for helping the writer. This may mean telling hard truths. If hard truths must be told, do so respectfully. If praise is deserved, offer it. Highlight the strong points of a piece—even if they are far outweighed by the negative points. Be genuine in your motivations, and genuine action will follow.

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More about effective critiques and “workshopping” writer’s work.

Minnesota Writers Groups (partial list) 1

Minnesota Writers Groups (partial list) 2

MN Writer Community Resources

Author Revolution Academy

Five Wings Arts Council

Springboard for the Arts

Creative Exchange

A listing of Authors/Writers born in Minnesota who have left their mark in the world of literature and entertainment. (And some transplants, too!)

Find an editor! Editorial Freelancers Association (not an endorsement, but an option)

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten MinutesStephen King

Bad Advice Boogie: Show, Don’t Tell

How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines

The Write Life

Poets and Writers, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

Short story markets-14 guides for writers

Jane Friedman Blog

Writer’s Digest, Writing Resources

Websites for Writers: 20 Sites with Great Writing Advice

Women Writers, Women’s Books


The Chicago Manual of Style Online



Query Tracker

Good to check out this one when looking for an editor: Preditors and Editors

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