Joe Porisch is an author of short stories and fiction podcasts with a flare for horror, science fiction, and fantasy. His writing has been produced and performed by The No Sleep Podcast, Meduspod, and Metaphorosis Magazine. The first collection of his short stories is titled Machines, Monsters, and Maniacs and is available in audio, digital, and softcover. He is a father, husband, dog-father, hunter, sportsman, and US Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He lives with his wife and kids in the Brainerd Lakes Area. 

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Jack is known internationally as a patent and trademark professional. His technical writing and illustrations appear in thousands of patents and many publications throughout the world. One such publication, Leonardo’s Lost Robots, was a winner of the 2006 PSP Award For Excellence presented by the Association of American Publishers. Jack’s levelheaded expertise, creative design, writing and intellectual talents have contributed to the success of a multitude of independently invented and Fortune 100 commercial products. He has been feature interviewed by A Face Project podcast and magazine, IP Folio Blog and The Perpetual Notion Science Radio Show, to name a few.

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Beverly Abear is a prolific writer who has been featured in numerous anthologies, such as Talking Stick, Dust & Fire, Love Is a Verb (Bethany House), and Extraordinary Answers to Prayer (Guidepost). Her writing has also been published in Her Voice, Lake Country Journal, Minnesota Writers Alliance, and WeAre181. She is currently working on her first middle-grade trilogy and is a talented artist.

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T.J. Jones is a Minnesota based author with multiple published novels in the Mystery, Thriller, and Romance genres. He writes character driven, entertaining stories with humor and heart. He is also a fan of happy endings.

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I decided to become a writer when for most of my life my imagination could come up with far off worlds and characters. I write fantasy books and maybe tying my hand at children’s books.

Computers have been a large part of my life for 35 years or so.

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David J. Liebeg
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