Member Promotions

This page is for our members who wish to promote their work. All information is provided by the member only.

M E Fuller In 2015, M E Fuller received an artist project grant through the Five Wings Arts Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation to complete her first novel, “Saving the Ghost.”  Her second novel, a historical memoir, “MOTHER,” is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2018.”Crazy Dog,” a short short story was published in the winter 2016 issue of Shark Reef, a Literary Magazine. A year-long blog series titled “Greyhairs Rising,” began in November of 2016.

D.R. Carlson is a graduate of Mankato State College who has lived in the Brainerd Lakes Area for almost fifty years.  She is a newcomer to writing and recently joined the Brainerd Writers Alliance.  Several years ago D. R. was awarded first-place in the Adult Division of the “Brainerd Dispatch” Christmas Essay Contest for her story entitled, “The King of Little Brothers.”  Currently, she is working on a historical fiction novel about her ancestors and the challenges they faced trying to survive in the Minnesota wilderness.

Beverly Hamilton Abear taught English for many years, then began writing devotionals, stories, novels, articles, memoir, and poetry. Her work is published in “Talking Stick,” “Dust and Fire,” “Her Voice” and “Lake Country Journal” magazines, “Guideposts'” Extraordinary Answers to Prayer, and “Bethany House” Love Is a Verb. She twice received grants for writing workshops. Her dream is to become better at the writing craft and successfully write and publish her novel manuscripts. She is currently revising her YA novel, “THE AMAZING OUTRAGEOUS AMANDA OLIVIA FORTINBRAS.”

Robert Peterson has four published books: “Out of Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect” (1997), “Lessons Out of the Body” (2001), “The Gospel According to Mike (2011),” and “Answers Within” (2012). He’s also had articles and photos published in “Lake Country Journal” (March 2015), “The Edge” (October 2012), “Arb Life” (2011), and other publications. He lives near Brainerd, Minnesota with his wife Kathy. Website: Blog:

Catherine Rausch lives in Little Falls, Minnesota and has been an active member of BWA since Sept 2013. She writes nonfiction magazine articles for “Her Voice,” a Brainerd, Minnesota publication, and is currently working on a screenplay and a novel. Her e-book, “Wake Up About Abuse” is available on Amazon Kindle Ebooks.

Candace Simar is the author of the Spur Award-winning Abercrombie Trail Series:  “Abercrombie Trail” (2009); “Pomme de Terre” (2010); “Birdie” (2011); and “Blooming Prairie” (2012).  She co-authored “Farm Girls” with her sister Angela Foster (2013).  Her latest historical novel, “Shelterbelts” (2015) was a finalist in the 2016 Midwest Book Awards. Please check out Candace’s website for more information