November is a big month for local Brainerd Lakes author, Carissa Andrews. After seven years of writing her three-book series, The Pendomus Chronicles, the final installment, Revolutions, will be released on November 21st, 2017 to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks—as well as in paperback at CatTales Books and Gifts for a limited time.

The Pendomus Chronicles consists of three books: Pendomus, Polarities, and Revolutions. A young adult sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian mix series, reads like a blend of movies like Matrix and novels like Maze Runner.

FACEBOOK LAUNCH PARTY NOVEMBER 21-27  To join the Facebook launch party and get some exclusive insights to the Pendomus Chronicles, as well as join some fun giveaways throughout the week, mark yourself as “going” and check in each day from November 21-27. There will be signed copies, other fandom trinkets, and gift cards up for grabs. Join here:

BOOK SIGNING NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017 For those interested in a physical copy—and if you’re a real fan of books—Carissa is having a book signing for all three books on Small Business Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from noon-2:00pm at CatTales Books & Gifts in downtown Brainerd.

For a reminder about the Book Signing at CatTales on November 25th, mark yourself as “going” out on Facebook:

ABOUT THE SERIES. For those unfamiliar, the series takes place on a completely different planet—Pendomus—and follows the trials and tribulations of a girl named Runa, as she steps into an unbelievable destiny. What starts out as a decision to live a life different from what society deems appropriate, turns into an ultimate ride to balance her choices with fate. There’s more to Pendomus than meets the eye, and Runa only begins to scratch the surface of this reality in book one. In book 2, Polarities, her journey continues as she struggles to make sense of what it means to be the prophesied Daughter of Five. She undergoes trials in order to manifest the power hidden within her. Revolutions, Book 3, continues with Runa as she steps into her role, as well as tying together some unbelievable twists you won’t see coming—but wonder how you missed them.

To learn more about the Pendomus Chronicles and where you can purchase her books, visit Carissa’s website:


Pendomus (Book 1) is currently free in all digital formats.
Polarities (Book 2) is just 99¢ in digital formats – for a limited time.
Revolutions (Book 3) is also just 99¢ in all digital formats – for a limited time.

GET IN TOUCH. To get in touch with Carissa or follow her on social media, check out her links:








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