Last week I attended the North Shore Readers and Writers Festival in Grand Marais, MN. This 4-day event is sponsored by the Grand Marais Art Colony. There is something for everyone and I have to say, it’s exhausting! A person’s mind can only accept so much stimulation before it’s stuffed to the gills.

During one of the lunch breaks, participants could opt into the Loft Literary Center Brown Bag Lunch Discussion. The question was asked about how The Loft plans to partner with outstate writers/writing groups. Many of The Loft’s classes are not affordable for the average person and many of us outstate can’t drive to Minneapolis for classes and have no affordable place to stay once there. Many outstate writers are still stuck in dialup mode so online classes are not a viable option.

This evolved into a discussion about how so few of us knew the others existed, either as writers or as members of writer’s groups. Some of us discovered new-to-us writing contests for Minnesota writers. The inevitable question then was raised, why is there not a database of writing groups and MN writing contests?

Please contact your regional arts council and ask if they are aware of such a database. If not, would they have recommendations for getting us all connected? Please contact me with your ideas or post comments here.

M E Fuller, Brainerd Writers Alliance


Lakes Area Writers Alliance is a writers group in Brainerd, Minnesota that offers support, encouragement, and critique to members and visitors to their monthly meetings.

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- door · November 8, 2017 at 4:30 pm

thanks – looks interesting – keep up the good work

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