Have you ever been stalled – or had writer’s block – when you’re working on a poem or prose? Of course, you have. I just had a whopper while working on my novel. The story was complete but needed an additional 45,000 words to take it to novel size.




And then I started asking myself questions. What’s going on? You wrote the first 45,000 words, no problem. Why can’t you write the other 45,000 words? The answer was simple but annoying. I had told my story about the character, but I hadn’t let the character tell HER story in her words.

The floodgates opened and the character spoke as I typed for her all that she wanted to say. Sometimes being an author means letting your characters lead the way.

What helps you get unstuck? Please share with us.

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Bev · May 28, 2016 at 3:37 am

Meeting a writer friend at a coffee shop and away from chores and interests at home!

smithgrier25 · June 2, 2016 at 2:01 am

I have several tactics to pull from thanks to my writerly friends. My favorite is listening to smooth jazz while thinking about the characters/situations. Another is talking to some of my writerly friends. They are always full of helpful insight and suggestions – some of which can be pretty funny. And sometimes it’s the humor than blows the block to smithereens. Writing with friends on Google Hangouts has helped me through many a dry spell. Interviewing a character can help too. When I’m writing fiction I often create a movie in my mind. That can be a hindrance as well as a help though. Either way, it’s usually pretty fun! When writing non-fiction I ask myself, what would I want to know about this person or subject. What is there to uncover that can’t be found on Google? Uhh . . . but I never gossip!!

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